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Recognized as wine country since the mid-1800’s when renaissance man Peter Britt nurtured the first winegrapes, the Applegate Valley’s viticultural spirit has overcome many obstacles: Prohibition, skeptics, its far-flung location, and all of the challenges of farming.

Thanks to the enduring efforts of the early pioneers and the vision of our current winemakers, the Applegate Valley wine country is a thriving AVA with over 18 wineries and over 70 varieties of wine.

Global Accolades

As part of the wider Rogue Valley AVA, the Applegate Valley was included among the Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s top five wine regions in the world in 2022.

The magazine also highlighted our local Troon Vineyard as among the top five wineries in America. This biodynamic winery was the second in the world to receive regenerative certification.

So, enjoy a weekend wander through our tasting rooms. You’ll quickly realize this isn’t simply “Pinot Country,” or “Cabernet Country,” but something decidedly more interesting.

“Our wines have something to say!” -Craig Camp, Troon Vineyard.

Visit the Applegate Valley Wine Trail’s website for more.

Tours/Driving Services

How about cider?

Blossom Barn Cidery: From blossom to bottle, this solar-powered family farm makes hard ciders made exclusively from pears—otherwise known as “perries.” Taste a flight and enjoy a small menu of sandwiches and snack plates with some farm-grown items, like apples and eggs. Check their website for a lively roster of events, food tru:cks and even yoga classes!

Apple Outlaw: This cidery boasts an orchard with some familiar apple varieties–like MacIntosh, Red Delicious and Granny Smith–and some heirloom “unknowns” such as Wickson and Bell de Boskoop. All of the ciders are organic, handcrafted and made in small batches. Find their products at local restaurants, such as the Lindsay Lodge and the Applegate Country Club, or in our rural stores. You can also order them online.

“If you want to bring real pleasure to people’s lives, your wines have to have personalities as interesting as the people that drink them.”

– Craig Camp, Manager at Troon Vineyard