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Wander in the sky

Perfect wind flows, strong thermals, gorgeous scenery, good weather and multiple landing fields make the Applegate Valley a destination for paraglider and hang glider pilots from around the world.

It takes special training to fly solo, but anyone can sign up for a tandem flight with local outfitter Sundog Paragliding School. These pros launch from Woodrat Mountain April through October. This is wine country, so you may touch down at LongSword Vineyard. Toast your flight with a glass of semi-sparkling chardonnay (a local favorite!).

Prefer to keep your feet on the ground and watch? Annual paragliding competitions, such as the Applegate Open and the Starthistle Fly-in, make for great spectating. Colorful gliders fill the sky! Check the Rogue Valley Paragliding and Hang Gliding website for dates and details.

“To fly off the mountain and then be suspended above such a beautiful area is truly extraordinary.”

– Will Taylor, local tandem pilot