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Wander on the Hunt

The Applegate Valley’s wildlands make for steep and adventurous hunting grounds. Whether or not you fill your tag, the diversity of trees, plants in this mountains-and-river landscape make for a great outing.

The local ecosystem is controlled by healthy populations of bear and mountain lions, but plenty of black tail deer and game birds remain for hunters.  Look for both valley and mountain quail, ruffed grouse and sooty grouse.

Get your tags from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and respect local hunting regulations and private property boundaries. Hiring a local outfitter is a great way to responsibly navigate the local terrain.

Webfoot Outfitters: These local guides are licensed and insured. They can tailor outings that are family-friendly, or more rugged backcountry expeditions.

“Part of the reward isn’t just helping clients fill their tags, but pointing out things that people might not notice. Appreciating all the trees, plants, and small creatures of the ecosystem lends towards better success for the intended quarry.”

– Rich Flynn, Webfoot Outfitters.