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A Wanderer’s Delight

The Applegate Valley lies just over the border of California in southern Oregon and is “book-ended” by Grants Pass and Jacksonville. Highway 238 is the main thoroughfare and runs along the scenic Applegate River. The nearest airport is in Medford.

You won’t find a Main Street, or a downtown in the Applegate Valley. This is a land of small hubs—Ruch, Provolt, Applegate, Williams, Murphy, and Wilderville.  Delight in finding upscale wineries next to down-home diners, well-stocked country-stores next to curated farm stands,  and manicured parks alongside trails secreting into a landscape as remote and wild as it gets!

Exploration is the order of the day in the Applegate Valley, but it’s good to set off prepared!

Wanderer Tips



The Applegate Valley is classified as a Mediterranean climate—which means abundant sunshine! Still, the valley retains four distinct seasons.

Spring: Expect a world-class display of wildflowers—and all kinds of weather from rain, hail, to summery days. Rainbows abound!

Summer: Prepare for hot days followed by cool nights. This “diurnal swing” is great for the winegrapes, but don’t forget a sweater.

Winter:  The Applegate is cool in the winter and even gets an occasional dusting of snow. Still, it’s surprisingly sunny compared to the rest of the Rogue Valley.  Here’s why.

Autumn: With the summer’s intense heat is subsiding and leaves are turning colors, this is a magical time in the Applegate. Wineries are lively with the grape harvest  and events. Moderate temperatures make for perfect hiking weather.

Fill Up! There are a couple of small gas stations—one in Williams and near the Applegate store—but play it safe by filling up in Jacksonville or Grants Pass.

Respect boundaries Sometimes public trails border private property. Be sure to respect all private property signs.

Cell Service: Some carriers work better than others in the Applegate, but don’t count on getting service throughout the valley. Download any maps or information you need in advance.

Poison Oak: This rash inducing native plant is abundant along Applegate Valley’s hiking trails. Learn how to identify and avoid it.

Drive Safe! Our winding roadways are scenic and also dangerous. Watch out for deer and turkeys in the road.

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