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Fishing in the Applegate Valley

The “tug is the drug” says the catch-and-release fisherwoman Teresa Kasza. Kasza’s been casting her line in the Applegate Valley since 2001.

Fishing fans can try to hook something at the following places:

Applegate River: The water in this cold river is released from Applegate Dam. It has a narrow fishing season (Jan 1-March 31) for hatchery steelhead. The season reopens again May 31 after spawning.

Please note: Anglers aren’t allowed to fish from floating devices in the Applegate River. But you  can cast your heart out from the shore—so long as your aren’t trespassing on private property! Public access to the river is limited, but available at the following places:

Before you go be sure to:

Check water level—sometimes it’s too low, or too high

Get a permit from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Read up on fishing regulations.

Prefer to go with a guide?

The Rogue Fly Shop offers an Applegate River Winter Steelhead flying fishing trip.

Applegate Lake

Applegate Lake has five boat ramps and is stocked with smallmouth bass, trout, bluegill and black crappie.  It also has a landlocked salmon variety known as Kokanee.

Remember to get all the necessary fishing licenses and waterway access permits.