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Now is the time to spread the word about the new Wander Applegate website.

If you aren’t familiar: The creation of Wander Applegate was funded with a grant to A Greater Applegate from Travel Oregon and guided by a community-led working group.

With its extensive listings of lodging, activities, historical sites, hikes, and more, is a great resource for visitors. By showcasing the diverse attractions that the Applegate has to offer, we can encourage travelers to stay longer, visit more frequently, AND spend more money in our vibrant, local economy.

All we have to do is make sure people know about it!

Here are a three things you can do to help promote Wander Applegate:

  1. Link the Wander Applegate URL from your business, lodging, or organization’s page. Even better, include the attached graphic with the link. Your web designer can link the website to this image.
  2. For those of you with public-facing brick-and-mortar spaces, we encourage you to display Wander Applegate promotional materials, which include attractive rack brochures, table tents, and wall displays. We will be stopping by over the next couple of weeks to distribute these materials in person. Please get in touch if you’d like to coordinate a specific time or request specific amounts/types of materials.
  3. ”Like” the Wander Applegate Facebook and Instagram pages and share social media posts.

Want to super-charge the effort? You can also do the following:

-Become a Business Network Member. Your membership provides you with a listing on the Wander Applegate website and comes with numerous other benefits detailed here.

So far, membership monies have been used to keep the website up to date, to place Wander Applegate advertisements in the Jacksonville Review and the Applegater, and will soon be used to finance a large Wander Applegate road sign near the bridge in central Applegate.

-Make use of the attached Wander Applegate brand guide. The brand guide includes our fonts, colors, tone, logos, tagline, and style tips. This can be shared with press contacts or in your own promotional materials. The idea of a brand guide is to unify our offerings with common visual and textual elements (while retaining our own unique brands, of course).

Thank you for helping us launch! We know this will become an invaluable community resource as we work together to elevate our valley and community!

Click the downloads on this page for the Wander Applegate link thumbnail for use on your website and a branding guide for inspiration.